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Kirsi now Collaborates with Teams and Leaders

Kirsi (keer + see) Hall is an international speaker, executive coach, and Founder/Chief Catalyst of her own consultancy firm. Prefiously she ws the Vice President of Organizational Development for a financial institution in Seattle, WA. 

Danielle Johnson is the President at Kirsi Hall, LLC. She is also an Executive Coach.

As an Executive Coach Danielle draws on over 19 years of experience leading high performance teams. Her experience includes leading global and regional business organizations across high tech, retail, and finance industries.

For Danielle, coaching is connected profoundly with her purpose. She believes that she there is something magical about watching another person find not only the anwers that they are searching for but the belief that they are able to achieve their dreams. She lives for these moments in coaching when clients make a fundamental shift in what they believe about themselves and what they can accomplish.

Others would describe her coaching style as transformational. She uses her professional and interpersonal skills to spark insight and professional growth in teams and leaders at all levels of an organization. She coaches while holding a whole person perspective: head and heart. What you do and who you are.

On a personal note, Danielle lives in Seattle with her husband Grant, son Bennett and fur ball of a dog Abby. She is self described "foodie" and loves to share adventures and new experiences with her friends and family.

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