Current Projects


  • Establishing a year-long “Dream Masterclass” for a client who wants to help their employee population achieve their dreams. Our role was to be the external Dream Coaches.  
  • Bringing an executive team to next level performance after their company was acquired.
  • Facilitating a stakeholder insight process for a VP of a billion dollar tech company - gathering input to identify blind spots and up level the quality of the working dynamic.
  • Helping “greener” leaders create playbooks and success plans for their teams.

Culture Consulting

  • Creating a “Culture Report” which analyzed organization wide strengths and opportunities by using data from 10% of the most engaged employee population.
  • Redesigning the Onboarding program for a client who wanted to leverage their cultural strengths differently. This was important to help distinguish the purpose and structure of Onboarding versus Orientation.
  • Integrating two service teams from different states and companies after a merger.
  • Developing a two-year learning and development program for technology company positioning for global scale.

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Increasing Confidence for a New Leader

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