Culture Consulting

A Proven Process to Optimize Teams and Leaders

When getting to the heart of what matters most in culture, we examine the following:

  1. Business. What is happening in your company in terms of mission, vision, values, goals, and strategies? The outcomes of business analysis are clarified culture goals, background, identification of resources, and stakeholders.
  2. Performance. The purpose here is to identify and clarify the performance gap by focusing on three areas: desired performance state, actual performance state, and the gap between desired and actual performance.
  3. Root cause. To answer the question, "why does the performance gap exist?"
  4. Solutions, actions, or recommendations and an implementation plan.
  5. Evaluation of results. What ways can we improve on the solution? What are the impacts to the organization? 
  6. Sustaining best practices. This often means examining broader change management initiatives. 

Projects can be targeted to a small group or expanded to include an entire organization. 

The key is role clarity. Role clarity is the root of performance effectiveness. Role clarity is the force multiplier for organization, team, and individual results.

Culture impacts net income, growth, engagement, and customer advocacy. Culture affects how decisions are made, conflict is managed, innovation is embraced, and how employees respect not only each other but the customer as well.

Bottom line: Intentional corporate cultures create greater outcomes.

Assessing and Goal Setting

The purpose here is to clearly define outcomes across multiple timelines and multiple domains. 

Generally, we work backwards from the ending date. For example, if we were to engage for six months, what would you like to be able to say you accomplished in that time frame? What results would move you forward in the first two weeks? Thirty days? Sixty days? Ninety days? Beyond?

It may be important at this step to have brief input meetings with various stakeholders. This helps to build trust before the group process by giving everyone a voice. It can also help to clarify key areas of focus needed for teams to breakthrough. 

The outcome is a clear vision of what we are trying to accomplish.


The purpose here is to identify ideas, best practices, strategies, tools, or tactics to accomplish the results this group wants. To maximize results, it would make sense to run several experiments simultaneously. 

The outcome here is a clear plan of action, allowing for iteration. 

What Clients Say

After working on cultural initiatives, clients report:

  • Increased goal attainment due to a focus on accountability.
  • Better cross-functional continuity which reduces siloing.
  • Stronger ability to scale due to an infrastructure that can adapt to ambiguity.

We Leverage Street Smarts

The professionals working at Kirsi Hall have been hand-picked to contribute specific strategic experiences and expertise. This is important because a rapidly scaling technology upstart may have different cultural challenges than the maturing global enterprise. The value we bring is in our ability to customize based on each unique situation. 

The ripple effect we chatted about almost two years ago is in effect! I hear it in conversations, see it in the action of our leaders, and feel it in my gut after an impactful interaction. that you for challenging me in a kind and thoughtful way. I truly LOVE working with you and the story I will tell when asked to list the most influential people in my life will absolutely include you!

-VP People, Rapidly Scaling Technology Comapny

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