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Our research-based approach to curriculum development means our training programs are grounded in theory, remain relevant over time, and utilize current trends.

Participants are challenged to build teams and leaders by engaging in:

  • Self-solving.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Talent management.

  • Coaching for optimization.

  • Onboarding effectively.

Learning programs can be customized to each client to effectively match with cultural values and practices. Click here to see a sample of some of our most popular modules.  

People learn differently.

Some prefer to partner and experiment, some prefer to journal and reflect, while others prefer to watch and absorb. Our training programs consider preferences in structure and set up,  allowing participants to choose the methodology that works best for their style.

As a result, participants can better engage in learning their way and walk away with a personalize plan to support individual, team, and organizational success.

What Clients Say

We have trained thousands of people all over the world, from Seattle to Singapore to Auckland to London. It shows in how we cultivate conversations based on inclusion, diversity, and honoring individual preferences and strengths.

Results Based Training

Some of the outcomes clients mention include:

  • Establishing a communication infrastructure the enables individuals to proactively engage.
  • Creating a culture of partnership and collaboration.
  • Facilitating best-in-class practices (career pathing, coaching, etc.) that promote retention.

Our Senior Data Scientist said he likes your presentation style so much he could sit and listen to you mumble and that would be fine. Ha!

-HR Manager, Seattle Technology Company, 3000 employees

The class made a positive impact on our team. I see the concepts being put into practice everyday. You did a great job of keeping the environment fun and productive, not an easy feat. A big difference is how much of yourself you put out there in your discussions. Stay awesome.

-Sales Representative, Publicly Traded SAAS Company

It's so great, as always, to see someone who is impassioned by their work! It's inspiring. We all benefited greatly from this class, not only as a small group, but as a whole company as well. Many folks have been approaching me to ask how the class was and wanted to talk about the material, so just your presence here has sparked some great discussion already! Thank you for sharing your personal gifts and stories with us, and for choosing to be vulnerable at times. It really made the class that much more rich in my eyes.

-Manager, Rapidly Scaling Social Analytics Company

Thank you SO much for last week. It was the most inspiring and efficient classroom- style training I have experienced in...possibly forever.

-Marketing Analyst, Fortune 500 Company

This was an AMAZING leadership course. I was skeptical when I was told to sign up as I’ve been to a number of leadership courses before. Kirsi really knocked this out of the park,though. I’ve been raving about this course to my coworkers. Not only should everyone be required to take this course, but I’d even go so far as to say that people should be required to take this annually as a refresher. Things get forgotten easily when you’re in the trenches. If all of [of our company] were to really keep these conversations and attitudes I saw in the course close to heart, Tableau would be a real unicorn of a company culturally.

-Director, Seattle Technology Company, 3000 employees


Just wanted to thank you again for the amazing training last week. You helped me to blow my own mind. ;) Settle for awesome!

-Development Engineer, Fortune 500 Company

Again, one of the best and most progressive thinking trainings I have attended.

-Executive, Publicly Traded SaaS Company

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