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Leverage Possibility

A typical client usually wants to perform better in one or more of these four critical domains: individually (demonstrating strategy, better use of time, confidence), with teams (leading or facilitating results), leadership presence with cross-functional teams (speaking up effectively and holding others accountable), or establishing thought leadership (impacting companies or industries strategically). 

We have designed a series of toolkits to help teams and leaders engage in these and other topics. Each has a guided process to facilitate assessment, goal setting, experimentation, and evaluation. For example, if someone wants to open up new awareness and dialog around personal performance, they may opt to engage in our Stakeholder Insights process. Different key stakeholders are interviewed to provide a holistic perspective on what "next level" leadership could be.

Or, if someone is newer to leadership, they may opt for coaching using our Leadership Portrait which uncovers seven key elements of leading.

If you want to find out if the theme you have in mind is something we have addressed before simply click [here] to ask.  

A Proven Process that Works

Coaching allows you to:

  • Explore multiple areas of performance effectiveness from emotional intelligence to communication mastery to energy management. 
  • Work with a guide who can be attuned to your unique leadership strengths and capabilities. 
  • Create experiments or action plans that get results.

Coaching can be one of the best development opportunities you create for yourself. The process can be motivating, appropriately challenging, and help you force multiply the outcomes you achieve.

Our Credentials

We are among the best-trained coaches in the nation. We have studied under the Coaches Training Institute and the Hudson Institute of Coaching and hold credentials from the International Coaching Federation (Professional Certified Coach or higher). Additionally, we have our own in-house ongoing training program that taps into recent developments in the human empowerment field.  


Kirsi is currently one of less than 50 individuals worldwide who has earned the Hudson Master Coach designation. She has speciality certifications from Covey, Gottman, and Short (EQ Optimization) and integrates communication curriculum from Stanford University to create emergent training curriculum across multiple performance domains.


Coaching Spotlight


A recent client said... 

I have leveled-up as a leader thanks to Kirsi's coaching the past 6 months. I walk away from every coaching session equipped and motivated to be a more curious and empathetic leader. Kirsi approaches our sessions as an opportunity to discover and explore my values, my thought-patterns, and my emotions that are contributing to the results I am getting as a leader. I learn the most not just from what she says, but how she says it. I have incorporated the same coaching methodology that Kirsi employs in our sessions in my 1:1s with the employees on my team and I am seeing amazing results. The employees on my team are discovering their own truth, they are solving difficult problems and are taking more ownership for their work. Thanks, Kirsi for making me a better leader... and simply a better human!

Since we learn and develop in action as we move through life, we must also unlearn and relearn in action.

~Dr. David Drake

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