Scaling Tableau Software

Our Approach

During this six year partnership, we developed two customized Leadership training programs, provided one-on-one coaching, and offered team strategy or consulting services. As Tableau has scaled, so have we. Transitioning to developing their bench of trainers through train-the-trainer or individual consulting on organizational development best practices.

We have trained thousands of Tableau employees including European and Asian audiences. We coached hundreds of employees across the spectrum of positions ranging from Founder to Frontline.

Tableau has used this training for over five years to:

  • Create a common language and best practices across a global organization
  • Exemplify values in action
  • Provide a template of how to self-solve and proactively engage

I went through all the feedback for Leadership 101 and pulled words associated with the question: “Would you recommend other leaders in the organization attend this session?” I think the attached visualization speaks volumes. This is the first time in my twenty five year career I have ever seen a 100% would recommend rating.

~ Training Manager, Human Resources, Tableau Software

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