Establishing Trust and Rapport for Better Results

Our Approach

We started the coaching engagement by facilitating a three-way meeting between him and his direct boss. We did this to create alignment, role clarity, and to establish empowered partnerships.

Next, we brought in our four-part process for collecting stakeholder insights to open awareness and dialog around personal performance. Key stakeholders were interviewed to provide a holistic perspective on what “next level” leadership could be as well as opportunities for partnership. This was not a 360. Some 360 processes are limited in scope and impact and lack lasting effectiveness. This was about making possibility actionable at all levels.

This process helped our leader to see his blindspots, and to view himself through the lens of his employees. We uncovered a series of beliefs that the leader held around vulnerability, and what it means to be "professional" in the workplace.  A coaching plan was designed around building connections, and letting go of “control”.

This process also helped his employees better communicate their preferences and needs. This ownership is critical for high performing teams.

After working with our coach, the client reported:

  • Significantly reduced turnover on the team.
  • Increased sales results across the team.
  • Receiving positive feedback from both his direct reports and his manager.
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