Kirsi Hall

During her tenure, her organization won over 30 best places to work awards and was listed as one of the top 100 training organizations in the United States for five consecutive years (featured with companies like Ritz Carlton). She accomplished this with a training department of three (including herself), demonstrating great things can be achieved with limited resources.

Kirsi was named by Training Magazine as one of the Top 40 Trainers under 40 as well as one of the Top 10 Trainers of the Year. She earned this recognition for her innovative approach to developing culture. She recently graduated with her MBA and JD degrees. Her business education focused on emotional intelligence and extraordinary performance. Her legal education centered on social movements and employment law. She is one of the few individuals who has been trained by both the Coaches Training Institute and the Hudson Institute of Coaching. She is certified executive coach.

In every aspect of engaging with others, she integrates research from multiple domains such as leadership excellence, organizational and human systems, neuroscience, adult development, neurolinguistic programming, and high performance theories.


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